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 A message from EKS

East King Safe is a professional company, located at the industrial zone of Jiangsu province, developing and producing Computer Safes, Laptop Safes, Hotel Safes, Gun Safes and Files Cabinets. We are one of the leading banking & security equipment manufacturers in China.

As a high-tech manufacturer, a large number of senior engineers are applying themselves to develop new products for the needs of banking, hotel and home security market. Our annual output is over 250,000 units of Safes, its design function accords with American National Electromechanical association standard and passes through the inspection of the department of the People's Republic of China of public security, confirmation is to be on guard safely function excellent product.

We believe sales & service is very important for our customers, which means the extension of our products and markets. With our know-how technical teams always standing by and through the finest sales network of the nation.

Most stable quality, punctual delivery, reasonable prices and serving you is our principle. Cooperation between us is sure to satisfy you !


East King Safe

Room 812, 8/F., Block F, Shun Fat Industrial Building,
17 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.
Tel : (+852)  2331 - 2776
Fax : (+852)  2331 - 2981

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