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Credit Card Safe

 Credit Card Security Safes : Memory Card Safes : Hotel Safes : Electronic Safes

This CREDIT CARD SAFES have probably seen these in hotel rooms around the world. This credit card safe is an exciting safe that will work with any credit card.  Our credit card safe is simply close the door, slide your card, and this credit card safe is locked.  The only way to open, this credit card safe is to use the exact same credit card. Our credit card safes is lucid and lively front cover design.

Order Code

External ( mm )



T-30 C

380W x 300D x 300H

16 kgs.

580 units


Solid steel construction . Door plate 4 mm , Body plate 2 mm
Electronic digital control with override system
Hotel management master key system
Keyless knob open , easy to operate
Lucid and lively front cover design
Sound and light indicating state
Single square bolt
Epoxy powder coating
2 emergency keys included
Bottom surface finished with fabric
Inside loading batteries AA/LR6 1.5 volt x 4
Wall or floor mounting hole and hardware preserved
Operation manual printed with international languages