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Gun Safe

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Our Traditional Series GUN RIFLE PISTOL SAFES set the world standard for how safes should look and protect. This gun rifle pistol safe luxury-packed series exudes elegance inside and out. The silk-screened deluxe graphics package and hand-finished pinstripe make this gun rifle pistol safes very attractive. The rounded outside edges give the gun rifle pistol safes a graceful look while adding strength and rigidity to the body. the inside detail of this gun rifle pistol safe is truly a craftsman's dream. Our gun rifle pistol safes are with a plush grey tone upholstery package, easy-out gun racks and a notched top shelf designed to accommodate a wide range of firearms. Our Multi-use interior allows this gun rifle pistol safe to transform from Firearm to Office safe in just a few simple steps. Not just a pretty safe, but the best combination of Elegance, Security and Fire Protection.

Order Code

External ( mm )



SG - 1

350W x 300D x 1450H

65 kgs.

120 units

SG - 2

550W x 400D x 1500H

123 kgs.

60 units

SG - 150 K

400W x 350D x 1500H

85 kgs.

90 units

SG - 150 EC

400W x 350D x 1500H

85 kgs.

90 units

SG - 70 M

762W x 508D x 1500H

216 kgs.

35 units


          SG - 150 EC                       SG - 150 K

  SG - 70M